About Ullashnetwork

We are what a strong community should be and could be. Presenting India's own social networking service.

What is Ullashnetwork?

Ullashnetwork is what a strong community should be and could be. This software is just a tool to create a community, our members are what makes our community great.

If you are not a member yet, join Ullashnetwork right now and be a part of something beautiful.

Why Ullashnetwork?

Not why but the question should be why not. If other countries have a social networking services while we are using them, why not we create our own social networking service which is made with love and a mission for gathering we all Indians in a place of our own.

The team

Akash Bose
Akash Bose the guy who carries.
Debjyoti Biswas
Debjyoti Biswas the support.
Different open source software, tools and a few programming languages are used including PHP, Erlang etc. to create Ullashnetwork.